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TN_ferien14.JPG (5926 bytes)

Holidays in Switzerland
September 2003

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Weekend trips

TN_flums01.JPG (5578 bytes)

Skiing in Flums
9. February 2003

Expo 2002 Biel

defense_tn.jpg (4068 bytes)

PhD defense and Hat
30. August 2002

TN_card.JPG (4738 bytes)

Hollidays in Greece

lake_tn.jpg (3394 bytes)

Scenic views of Schänis and the surrounding area (Linth-area, Lake Zurich)
31. Dec. 2000

cablecar_tn2.jpg (6859 bytes)

USA trip
Summer 1996

During my semester-vacations, I spent 10 weeks in San Diego, California.

TN_alp01.jpg (2971 bytes)

Winter in the mountains Autumn-Impressions
Myths of Schänis

When the cattle return from the mountains in autumn.

December 2001
How to extract DNA from tomato with common house-chemicals

top_tn.gif (6959 bytes)

MRI-Images of my brain